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Sperm are classified as male gametes having major composition in human semen. Research says that almost one third of infertility is caused by defected sperms. Sperm is considered as a vital factor in regard to male fertility in testis. Normally, it should have that much energy to go to fallopian tube to take part in egg fertility and envoy development. Low sperm or nil sperm count results in inability to conceive a child. Studies acknowledge that that, after marriage, when a man becomes unable to conceive a child, low sperm or nil sperm count is a major reason behind this. Incase if you are facing any such low sperm or nil sperm problem , erectile dysfunction problem, premature ejaculation problem, impotence problem, penis enlargement or other male and female sexual problems or feeling so, consult Dr. P.K. Gupta on a primary basis for Sexual Treatment in Delhi, India. Dr. P.K. gupta best sex specialist in Delhi, He has best sex clinic for low sperm treatment, nil sperm treatment in delhi, impotence treatment in delhi, premature ejaculation treatment in delhi, erectile dysfunction treatment in delhi

Dr. P. K. Gupta is the Director of Dr. P.K. Gupta's Super Speciality Clinic Rohini


Dr. P. K. Gupta
M.B.B.S., M.D., P.G.D.S.(Sexual Medicine- America)
Member council of Sex Education & Parenthood (International).

Problems with sperm

  • Sperm motility (motion speed of semen)- Motion speed of sperm is a prominent cause for such issues.
  • Distracted motion of sperm - when sperms get distracted, then such concerns start arising
  • The sperm’s inability to bind to an egg and penetrate it.- Sometimes sperms become unable to bind to an egg or in penetrating it.
  • Reduced sperm production.- When sperm production declines, Then sperm issues start taking place.
  • Sperm count- When sperms count gets declined, sperm issues start rising.
  • Sperm quality and quantity in every ejaculation required to implant fertility- In order to implant fertility, the quality and quantity of sperms becomes a determining factor.
  • Injuries in testis or drugs and toxins decline the sperm quality- Sometimes, addiction to drugs or injuries to penis are also a reason to such problems.
  • Increase in testes temperature- In some instances, the temperature of penis start increasing and creates adverse affectrs.
  • Absence of sperm in semen- When sperms are not present in semen or in a very negligible amount, then issues related to sperm start initiating.
  • Structure of semen is abnormal by shape or size- It is very noticeable point that the structure of semen should not be abnormal by shape or size.


Expertise believes that only one out of eight cases is in treatable condition. In some cases ART( Assisted Reproductive Technologies)or ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection is also recommended to spouses. A healthy diet can play a game changing role in this for patients. Here are Male and Female issues related treatment like low sperm treatment, premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi, impotence treatment in delhi, erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi, penis enlargement treatment center in delhi or male sexual problem treatment in delhi. Normally, These issues depend on various factors depending upon the health condition of the patient, Prominent Sexologist of Delhi Dr. P.K Gupta suggests some vital ingredients in this regard, have a glance:-

Problems with sperm

  • Selenium: The antioxidant selenium is a defense towards the atmospheric temp.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is another effective antioxidant. Red capsicum are considered as rich sources of vitamin C.
  • Essential Fatty Acids & vegetables.- Balanced diet is a key to such treatments and some important fatty Acids & vegetables are a major stakeholder in this.
  • Zinc: Zinc helps us to build up 90% of sperm tails and also supports sperms in swimming straight. Besides being crucial for health of hormones, oysters also boost your levels.

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